Nemesis Asphalt Petroleum Ltd was established as a separate company in 2003 following the implementation of the Group’s strategic plan to create separate companies which would support the contracting company’s core operations.


Nemesis Asphalt operates both asphalt production and asphalt laying units and today is one of the two largest asphalt companies in Cyprus with a market share that is almost 48%. The company employs highly qualified and experienced management and staff made up consisting of engineers, foremen, drivers and laborers.


The company has made considerable investments in both asphalt production facilities and asphalt laying machinery. It currently owns two asphalt production plants, a bitumen emulsion production unit as well as cold asphalt plant. It also specializes in the periodic maintenance of highways with dedicated equipment and procedures to enable quick and efficient night-time operations.


In addition to the asphalt production plants, the company has a modern fleet of vehicles and machinery, four full asphalt laying units, two asphalt removal crews as well as a transportation facility for quick placement of the machinery wherever necessary. We have also specialized.


The company’s size today enables it to carry out work of any size and can place up to 1,500 tons of bitumen per day.