In our new production unit, installed in February 2018, we manufacture various types of products which are made from pre-cast concrete, and are used in the engineering and construction industry. The new production unit is located in the industrial area of ​​Geri and operates under the ISO9001: 2008 quality system. All the company’s products are CE certified. The company's clients are government agencies, construction contractors, building contractors and private individuals. The company owns vehicles for the transportation of its products to a continuously growing network of customers.


The Company’s products are divided into three broad production categories:

  • Paving stones, cobblestones, curbs and cement blocks,
  • Box culverts, cement pipes and sewer manholes
  • Handmade and / or  Custom-made specialty products such as wells for Electricity and Telecommunications utility companies, bases for street lighting columns and other specialized prefabricated parts.

Line producing paving stones, cobblestones, curbs and cement blocks

The plant consists of a fully automated production unit, drying chambers, stacking system and packaging of products.


Line producing box culverts, cement pipes and sewer manholes

This plant was established in 2010 and it represents the latest technology of its kind currently in Cyprus. It can produce cement pipes with large diameters of up to 250cm, wells for sewage systems as well as rainwater and rectangular box culverts.


Handmade and Custom-made production unit

This section deals mainly with the production of large size and specialised use products that are too big for the size of the plant or are required for one-off use.  These are structures used by the utility companies, foundations for road lighting columns, retaining walls, wide well casings and structures for port protection. They are manufactured using latest technology stainless steel moulds, high quality concrete and steel construction of European origin.