Nemesis Company For Public Contracting - Egypt LTD

Nemesis Company For Public Contracting - Egypt LTD


In January 2015 the Egyptian subsidiary of Nemesis Contracting PLC was classified as an “Excellent Contractor” and was awarded one of the Government’s National Projects, the construction of the El Sheikh Fadel Al Gharib Highway, a 90km road near the city of Al Minya, two hours south of Cairo. Most of the highway extends in the Egyptian desert. For its implementation, the Group proceeded with the installation and operation of an asphalt plant, a concrete plant and a mobile aggregates crashing. Construction works in the project lasted for 18 months.

This was the first project of the Egyptian Military Service that was implemented by a Cypriot Construction Company.

The company has also completed another contract for the maintenance of part of the Cairo ring road with slurry seal.

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