Nemesis Contracting PLC

Nemesis Contracting PLC

NEMESIS CONTRACTING PLC  was founded in Nicosia in 1971 under the name of Nemesis Construction Company Ltd and was undertaking construction projects mainly in the Nicosia area.


Having grown over the years, it became a public company and was listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange in 2000. As a strategic part of its expansion program, the Cyfield Group acquired the majority of the Company’s shares in 2002 and integrated the company into its ranks, having renamed it NEMESIS CONTRACTING PLC.


Since then, the company has grown and expanded into becoming one of the top contracting groups in Cyprus, having successfully completed many and diverse public as well as private construction infrastructure projects that were awarded to it. Although it is part of the Cyfield Group, it remains a Group in its own right as it has established a number of subsidiary companies and joint ventures.


The company is classified in “Class A” for the execution of technical and construction work, under the Registration and Control of Contractors Law of 1973. Over the years, Nemesis Contracting PLC has made significant investments in human capital, employing highly qualified and experienced engineers and other professionals to manage the company and its projects. It has also invested heavily in technology, equipment and machinery that cover the whole spectrum of its work so that it is always in position to carry out all its work without the need of leasing or using third party equipment. It has also established or acquired subsidiary companies that provide it with high quality materials at the right time and in the expected quality.


The company has established the right structure with the necessary support departments that enables it to be effectively and efficiently managed. The long experience, the extensive knowledge, the technology and its human potential are the elements that rank the Company as one of the major forces among the country’s contracting companies. Nemesis Contracting Public Company Ltd continues to execute with success a lot of construction projects both public and private. These projects include the construction of urban streets and motorways, bridges, sewerage systems and pumping stations, dams, plot separations and other big and small public projects.

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