CYFIELD ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTING PUBLIC LTD is one of the leading contracting companies in Cyprus, having significant experience in all types of infrastructure projects.

The company is classified in Class A' for the execution of technical and construction work, under the Registration and Control of Contractors Law of 1973. The long experience, the extensive knowledge, the technology and its human potential are the elements that rank the Company as one of the major companies in its sector.


Having quality as one of its fundamental principles, the Company makes serious investments in high technology equipment and machinery that cover the whole spectrum of its work so that it is always in position to carry out all its work without the need of leasing or using third party equipment.


Cyfield Engineering and Contracting Public Ltd has executed and continues to execute with success many construction work projects both public and private. These projects include the construction of urban streets and motorways, bridges, sewerage systems, plot separations and other big and small public works.


Cyfield has begun to export its knowledge abroad. Last year it won a Sewerage Project in Paeania in Greece, a project that completed in 2015.


Another big move for the company was in 2017 when it was awarded the first project of the Egyptian Military Service that was implemented by a Cypriot Construction Company. The project of the El Sheikh Fadel Ras Ghareb Motorway in Egypt lasted 18 months.