Road connecting Meniko with the Old Nicosia-Akaki Road

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Road connecting Meniko with the Old Nicosia-Akaki Road           



 CONTRACTING AUTHORITY: Department of Public Works of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Works

The project involves the construction of a two-lane road connecting Meniko village with the existing Nicosia-Astromeritis road and it includes:

  1. Construction of a main road, 3053,71 metres long, with two-lanes, each 3.50 metres wide, with paved shoulders, each 1.50 m wide.
  2. Earthworks and relevant adjustment works
  3. Paving
  4. Reinforced concrete constructions
  5. Construction of crosswise pipe culverts & drain pipes
  6. Road markings
  7. Provision for traffic-lights
  8. Curbs and pavements
  9. Service works
  10. Assisting works (metal safety barrier, pedestrian safety guardrail, barrier posts).