The Group was established in the capital of Cyprus Nicosia in 1990, and now comprises over 15 companies that serve both the private and public sector with activities all the major areas of the construction industry:

  • Land Development
  • Civil Engineering Construction
  • Commercial Activities: Manufacturing, Production & Transportation
  • Energy Sector

We are proud to be one of the leading companies of its kind in Cyprus; we design, build and market all kinds of buildings from villas, residential buildings, office blocks, industrial buildings, schools and others. We are involved in all stages of their production that includes concept design, detailed drawings and full range of studies, financing, construction, marketing and sales always with successful transfer of ownership.


In the area of infrastructure construction Cyfield-Nemesis has earned Class “A” Certification both for technical projects, as well as for residential and commercial building projects. So far it has successfully completed numerous projects and has gained expertise in almost all types of works, including motorways and bridges, dams, sewerage systems and pumping stations, breakwaters, plot separations and environmental projects.


On the commercial activities side, the Group owns asphalt plants, concrete plants, quarries, transportation vehicles, precast product factories, bitumen storage tanks and other trading activities. Recently it has entered the energy sector with the construction and operation of an electricity production plant through photovoltaic panels.


The Group also has the necessary support functions such as specialized design office, marketing, sales, and HR departments, laboratories, machinery and maintenance plants,  all manned by highly qualified personnel. This structure enables us to streamline and optimize our operation by ensuring an uninterrupted supply line, controlled cost and the implementation of strict quality and operational standards.


Every member company of the Group is ISO certified and its products are CE certified.

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