Participation of Cyfield Group in Best Invest Conference

Cyfield Group has participated in one of the largest local investment conferences that took place Limassol, on 16-17 October, 2016.
During Best Invest Cyprus, a significant number of investment projects in the fields of real estate, energy, tourism and medicine was presented to potential investors, business consultants and entrepreneurs.

The Group's business plan along with the adoption, by the Republic of Cyprus, of the Scheme for Naturalisation of Non-Cypriot Investors, has driven the Group to shift its sales strategy in the foreign market.

Having developed projects that are addressed among others to foreign property buyers, the participation of our Group in the aforementioned conference was of great importance.


The International Sales Department of the Group have had the opportunity of presenting the company’s projects to the participants of the Congress, whereby several potential investors have expressed a strong interest in our new developments.