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Project Overview

Status:Under Construction
Available Properties:21
Location:Athens, Greece

In the area of Ambelokipi - Athens, on Patriarchou Ieremiou street, close to Ambelokipi Metro Station, lies our new Residential Building: a contemporary eight-storey apartment block, with luxurious one and two bedroom apartments. Τhe building includes a basement (with Parking spaces), as well as a Pilotis Space with open Parking spaces, and eight levels which host the apartments.
The building is designed so as to provide the highest energy efficiency possible, which in addition to its high quality construction materials, offers comfortable living conditions, functionality, as well as low energy consumption.
The building is located in a low traffic residential street, with easy and quick access to central Athens, banks, public services, major Universities and Hospitals.

Available Listings for: E.C.53- PATRIARCHOU IEREMIOU 40, ATHENS


E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.ΙΣ101 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Α201 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Α202 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Α203 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Β301 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt. Β302 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Β303 2
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt. Γ401 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Γ402 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt. Γ403 2
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Δ501 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Δ502 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Δ503 2
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Ε601 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Ε602 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Ε603 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.ΣΤ701 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.ΣΤ702 2
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Ζ801 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Ζ802 1
E.C.53 ATHENS- Apt.Η901 2

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