The Cyfield Group is an integrated Group of companies, and one of the key players today in all areas of the Construction industry in Cyprus.
The individual companies’ synergy with their combined potential in the fields of land development, construction infrastructure, materials production and energy, brings added value to the individual companies and multiplies the Group’s capabilities.
The Group operates also in Greece, and Egypt.



The Group’s main operations and most of its activities are in Cyprus where it is actively involved in Land Development, Construction Infrastructure, Contracting Operations and Energy, all over the country.
It also operates manufacturing, production and other commercial facilities that complement and support the Group’s activities. Recently the group has added Energy to its field of activities.

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The Group has extensive land development activities in Greece where it has built many residential and commercial buildings.
For the past few years it is also involved in contracting of public and private infrastructure projects. A number of projects were already successfully executed and others are still under way both in development as well as contracting.

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The Group opened its first office in Heliopolis in Cairo in 2014. In the same year the Egyptian subsidiary was awarded its first infrastructure project, the construction of the El Sheikh Fadel Ras Ghareb motorway, near the city of Al Minya south of Cairo. The construction of a 91km dual carriage way was succesfully completed and delivered. A new Road project is underway in the Marsaa Alam Region.

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